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Freemie Breast Pump Reviews in 2018

freemie breast pump reviews

Hello new born baby’s mom today’s topic freemie breast pump reviews only for you. Balancing between work and being a mom can be pretty hard; while you need to get to work to earn a living, your newborn needs you to take care and nurse him properly. Pumping breast milk was not common a couple of years ago but today, the exercise happens to be the most ideal and convenient way to take a break, as a mum, from baby care even when you are around. This is simply because someone else can feed your baby your milk from a bottle.

Do you want the dad to also take part in feeding your loved one? Getting the best freemie breast pump will come in handy. We understand how tedious it can be when purchasing a breast pump especially if you are a new mom and the fact that there are many of them in the market.  Having looked at many online and offline freemie breast pump reviews, we prepared a buyer’s guide that comprises some of the best breast pumps you can find in the market based on their efficiency and quality.

Read through this freemie breast pump review to help you make up your mind on what breast pump you need to offer you freedom and convenience of pumping breast milk for your newborn.

Freemie Brest Pump Quick List

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Top 3 Freemie Breast Pump Reviews in 2018

1. Freemie Collection Cups Hands Free Breast Pump

Freemie Collection Cups Hands Free Breast PumpWith the freemie collection cups hands free breast pump, you can pump anywhere and around anyone with the milk collecting in the cup discreetly placed inside your bra.  This breast pump is so awesome you will be able to pump both at home and in the office around family and friends.

With the two concealable collection cups and two sets of breast funnels this breast pump allows you to pump in style.


  • Allows you to pump anywhere, anytime and around anyone including your family and friends since the milk gets collected in a cup slipped inside your bra
  • Pumping is hands free without having to undress at the office or at home
  • The two concealable cups are compatible with other pumps
  • The pump is efficient for on the go pumping as well as pumping while nursing the baby
  • They are modest since no one detects when you are pumping. You therefore can pump wherever you are in family get together and office without anybody noticing.
  • It is relatively cheaper and affordable


  • They hold less volume for the moms that pump a lot hence likely to overfill. They however never leak easily even if you pumped up to 9 ounces at a go.
  • The cups are opaque hence can’t tell whether your milk is still flowing. This is however not a big deal
  • It may take a little bit longer to fill the bottles while pumping. This is unlike the case of freemie freedom double electric hands free breast pump and other electric pumps. It is however worth it all.


2. Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free Breast Pump

Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free Breast PumpFreedom Double Electric is one of the best freemie breast pumps available in the market. It is a complete set of double electric breast pump that allows you to pump breast milk while you have your clothes on. It is a hands free and concealable pump. When purchasing this pump, you expect to get the following in the box;

  • The pump unit
  • A power cord
  • Two collection cups
  • Two funnels
  • The connection kit comprising of the tubing and valves

As the name suggests, this breast pump allows you to pump with your clothes on. Ach cup carries up to 8 ounces of milk.


Besides being a hands-free breast pump, the Freemie freedom double electric hands free breast pump is;

  • Completely quiet with o sound
  • Allows you to pump your breast milk with your clothes on
  • Offers a comfortable pumping experience
  • With a proper connection kit, this pump’s collection cups can be used with other pumps
  • It is very easy to assemble this pump
  • It is reasonably affordable though can’t be said to be the cheapest breast pump available.


  • The milk at times flows back into the tubes
  • This breast pump is purely electric and batter power can’t be used in place electricity. You therefore need an outlet to use at all times.


3. Freemie Equality Double Manual Breast Pump

Freemie Equality Double Manual Breast PumpFreemie Equality Double Manual is another pump that includes a set of freemie collection cups that are compatible with other popular electric pumps in the market. The difference between this pump and the electric ones available in the market is the fact that this one is operated manually


Despite the fact that this is a manual breast pump, it has many advantages including;

  • It allows you to pump your breast milk with your clothes on hence no undressing or privacy is needed
  • It is versatile and easy to use
  • It is quite and discreet
  • The cups can be used with other electric pumps since they are compatible
  • You may decide to pump both sides without a problem
  • No electricity or power is needed hence can be used anywhere you go
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to other freemie breast pumps available in the market


  • Sometimes lesser milk is pumped when using this pump when compared to the double electric pump
  • Sometimes may feel uncomfortable making your boobs look big inside the shirt; somebody may notice there is something but do you really care when your intention is to ensure a steady supply of breast milk for your loved one?


How Breast Pump Works?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breast milk is crucial for the newborn’s development and well being. Moms are therefore advised to exclusively feed their babies on breast milk for the first six months and continue for the rest of the year. However, due to one reason or the other, this may not be feasible.

It is for this reason that a breast pump is necessary to allow any woman a chance to feed their babies with their breast milk when they are not available or provide a steady supply of milk when they are under medication instead of passing the medication to the baby through breast milk. While this sounds as the ultimate savior in such situations, you need to understand how a set of this equipment works to ensure a steady supply of milk for your baby throughout the day with the convenience needed.

Though it may seem like an intricate medical device, it is actually simple to assemble and easy to use any breast-pump.

  1. The breast pump has a flange which covers the breast. It is also called a breast shield placed on the nipples of women.
  2. While pumping, the pump creates a suction which creates a vacuum seal on the nipples the same case when the baby is sucking the milk. As the pumping engages and disengages, so does the vacuum suction emulating the natural sucking rhythm of the baby.
  3. In short, the breast pumps mimic the natural cycle of suction and release by the baby while nursing. For the electric pumps, it is set to produce about one pull per second causing milk let-down.
  4. Once the milk is released, it is sent to the collection container where it is held via the connector.

How to Choose Freemie Breast Pump?

Best freemie breast pump reviews

The choice of breast pump you make can greatly impact on your life and that of your baby. you not only need a breast pump that allows you to collect breast milk when you are away, but also help you to keep up your milk supply. Unfortunately there are many of these breast pumps in the market today with each promising to do the best job in retrieving milk. The truth however, is that not all pumps are the same or effective considering the specific needs of each mom.

For this reason, you have to consider a number of factors ranging from suction speed and flange style to insulation of the carrying case among others. To better understand how to go about the selection, it is important to consider the various types of breast pumps available.

  • Electric breast pumps

These are quite common these days. They are effective in the sense that you will be able to adjust speed and suction. With a double electric breast pump, you will be able to empty both breasts at the same time as is the case with the freemie freedom double electric hands free breast pump. This makes these pumps quite efficient especially for women who need to pump at work. Some of these are either run on batteries or plugged into a power source.

  • Manual breast pumps

Unlike the electric breast pumps, the manual ones don’t have a motor. You will therefore use your hands to squeeze the lever in a repeated manner to initiate the suction needed for the breast milk to flow. These are good in the sense that they are quite, smaller in size and cheaper as compared to the electric ones however not as efficient as the electric pumps.

  • Hospital-grade breast pumps

These are heavy-duty breast pumps that suck at a faster rate and stronger frequency. They are quite expensive and as the name suggests mostly found in hospitals and can be accessed by hiring. It is basically designed as a multi user pump; however, some components such as the milk containers, breast shields and tubing are never shared to avoid cross-contamination.

The following tips could greatly help you when making the decision on what breast pump to buy;

  • How well you pump

Each mom is different when it comes to pumping. While some can easily express milk with any type of pump, some may find it difficult filling the container even when using top of the line pump. Typically a baby is capable of removing about 70% of the milk in the breast during one feeding; in the case of pumping over the same period of time, you can only manage removing about 30% of the milk. What this means is that depending on how fast you can pump, you can choose the right breast pump. The fast pumping moms can go for almost any kind of pump while those with pumping issues have to go for the high-end pumps like the double electric pumps and hospital grade with stronger motors and higher suction frequency and release cycles per minute.

  • Consider your needs

Your pumping needs can as well dictate the type of pumping machine you need. The reason for pumping becomes crucial here; will you be away from the baby only occasionally with a well established milk supply or are you pumping to build a supply for your freezer? In these cases, any pump would be ideal. When you are breastfeeding your baby most of the time, you do not need to go for the high-end models that will expense you for no reason.

However, if you need to replace breastfeeding with bottle feeding, establishing and boosting your milk supply especially when you have a tight schedule at work, you simply need a high-end machine that will express the milk effectively fast. A good take in this case would be the double electric breast pump. If you do not prefer breastfeeding, then you better get a pump that will remove the milk as efficiently as possible. You may also need to get a pump that is portable such that you can quickly pump a few ounces wherever and whenever you have the chance to.

  • Pump accessories

In the event that you intend to use your breast pump frequently, you will definitely need as many accessories as possible to make the pumping process easier and enjoyable. Unfortunately some pumps do not have a lot of accessories or are hard to find for replacement. Considering the types of accessories you might need, shop around for a pump that will come with most of them or you can easily find in the stores some that are compatible with it. For the case of electric pumps, consider such accessories as vehicle power adapter and a hands free pumping bra for easy pumping while you concentrate on doing other things. Other crucial accessories may include different sizes of breast shields for different sizes of breasts.

  • Cost

Cost is one of the major factors many people consider when buying anything in the market. This is o exception when it comes to purchasing breast pumps. You will need to shop around for a breast pump that is within your budget. If your budget can allow it, it is good to go for the best quality breast pump available.

  • Try before purchase

Despite the fact that specific breast pumps will be highly marketed and receive amazing reviews from customers, you have to understand that your case is unique from everyone else’s. Without buying into the positive reviews pros, you need to try the specific breast pump before you buy it. It is good to try before buying so as to avoid buying the wrong pump which may not help you. Remember, most retailers never accept pump returns for sanitary purposes.


It’s no doubt breast pumps can be a saving grace for mothers who have tight schedules at work or perhaps have low milk supplies. While it is a serious task to nurse your young one, it’s time to also get a break and let the fathers do the task! With the help of the breast pumps, you may also avoid the painful experience as a result of overfull breasts. If you think you are too busy to exclusively breastfeed your baby as recommended, you have the best option to continue supply him with the highly nutritious breast milk using a feeding bottle after pumping.

After considering several freemie hands free breast pump reviews, we came up with the top three best freemie breast pumps for your consideration. You may as well consider a number of the tips above to make the best decision when buying one for yourself.

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