best toddler helmets

Best Toddler Helmets Review In 2018

best toddler helmets

Cycling is a hobby and a passion to many kids these days. If you are thinking of getting your kid into cycling, then you definitely have to think about their safety and the first thing to always consider is the best toddler bike helmet.

There are many kids’ bike helmets in the market and getting one that perfectly fits is simply better than riding without a helmet on. However, if you are contemplating of getting the best toddler helmet for your child, we have a few options for you to consider.

5 Best Toddler Helmets Quick List

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Top 5 Best Toddler Helmets Review in 2018

1. Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Helmet

Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer HelmetThere are quite many reasons why you will like this product. First and foremost, this type of toddler helmet comes in amazing designs that even picky children will fall in love with. The helmet is extremely light in weight and slim so that it doesn’t get in the way while cycling thanks to the high-tech in-mold construction technology. The helmet is said to be 30% lighter when compared to other hard shell helmets in the market.

This type of kids helmet comes in three sizes, each adjustable through the cool-max pads and adjustment system. With 12 air inlets, air channels and a fidlock magnetic buckle, your toddler is guaranteed of first class comfort while cycling.

If you are looking for a kids’ helmet with great graphics and functionality, then you have Bern unlimited Jr. Nino summer helmet. Made from high quality materials and great graphics, these helmets are the best for kids who need to go out cycling. The biggest advantage of this helmet is its adjustability together with its high level of comfort, thanks to the three sets of pads of varying thickness and a dial in the back together with easy to size straps that make it easy for achieving a perfect fit on your child.

This is the type of helmet that offers more than just a design; it is breezy, lightweight, and stylish and fun manufactured with the latest production technologies including a wide range of features for modern, urban and active application.


  • It comes in many designs for you to choose from
  • Light in weight so it doesn’t come in the way while cycling
  • The adjustable cool-max pads and adjustment system makes it easy for your kid’s head to fit in perfectly
  • It is highly comfortable


  • It is a little bit costly compared to other helmets but it worth your money.
  • It has lesser air vents compared to other standard helmets for toddlers

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2. Giro Youth Scamp Mips Helmet

Giro Youth Scamp Mips HelmetThis is one the best toddler helmets in the market today. It comes in non geeky designs that any child will fall in love with. The good thing is that they are light in weight and slim in design to allow smooth cycling. The dial adjust system is yet another crucial feature of this type of helmet for kids that makes both parents and kids to love it in equal measures.

The most crucial thing about the Giro youth scamp mips helmet is the MIPS technology it comes with. This technology offers these helmets an additional layer of protection on the heads of the toddlers in case of an accident or impact. The MIPS is made using a thin plastic shell that will stretch and move around making the helmet to rotate around the head when there is an impact.

Considering the safety technology employed in manufacturing this helmet, its lightweight and awesome design all coming at a fair price; this would definitely be the best toddler helmet for scooter. It has 8 vents for ventilation and Roc Lock Jr. fit adjustment making the helmet so ideal for your kid to use until he outgrows it.

In fact this helmet combines some of the same elements found in some of the best adult helmets but put in a smaller package that can perfectly fit your child. You can easily fit this helmet on your child and get him/her ready for cycling. No matter your child’s head size, this brand comes in a wide range of sizes so you can choose one that perfectly fits them. You get one for your young ones and you can be sure they will love it and be excited any time they go out riding.


  • It comes in different amazing designs that any child can fall in love with
  • The helmet is light in weight for smooth cycling
  • It has the dial adjust system to ensure the helmet fits even on small children heads
  • It is manufactured using the MIPS technology which offers the helmets an additional layer of protection in case of an impact. It is therefore strong and durable
  • Has 8 air vents to enhance proper circulation of fresh air while cycling hence increasing the kid’s comfort.
  • It comes with a pinch-chin guard to prevent hurting your kid while doing up the helmet buckle.


  • It is relatively more expensive especially for the MIPS but the non MIPS are cheaper

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3. Crazy Mars Toddlers Bike Helmets

Crazy Mars Toddlers Bike HelmetsAre your kids ready to get out and take on some serious riding? This type of kids’ helmet will be critical. The helmet comes with high density EPS foam and a solid shell to help protect your child’s head against serious impacts in case of an accident.

With a number of ventilation holes, (10 to be specific) your child will enjoy riding even under the scorching sun as they help regulate the temperatures while riding. The holes allow heat to get out and fresh cool air in giving your child the best experience when they are playing.

The helmet comes in a wide range of colors so that you can choose your favorite for your kid. Besides cycling, this helmet may also be considered as one of the best toddler helmet for scooter, skateboard and roller-skating among other activities that may be seen to be harmful if necessary gear is not worn.


  • It is tough and strong to protect your child against any impact while cycling.
  • It has several air vents, 10 in number, which helps in regulating the temperatures while riding even under the scorching sun
  • It comes in a wide range of colors, so it gives you and your child the option to choose your favorite color and design
  • You can use it for other purposes other than bicycle riding such as skateboarding, roller skating and scooter riding among others.


  • It does not comes with a pinch-chin guard to prevent hurting your kid while doing up the helmet buckle

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4. Giro Scamp Helmet

Giro Scamp HelmetAnother amazing toddler helmet ideal for bike trailers, scooters, tricycles, balance bikes and ride-ons is here. The helmet has 7 air ventilations and a side squeeze buckle that makes adjustment easy. The helmet is perfectly padded in a 3D bow shared with ears made of non-grip materials and an extended rear part to guarantee maximum comfort for your kids wherever they go out playing.

The helmets also come with highly visible reflectors that guarantee perfect visibility and protection against oncoming motorbikes and motor vehicles and other automobiles. In case you are looking for the best toddler ski helmet then you can smile you have one in the name Giro scamp helmet which has an inbuilt visor, pinch guard buckle and other crucial features.

Actually, some of the elements used in making the best adult helmets are used in this toddler helmets that perfectly fit your child whenever they go out cycling. It is easy to fit on your child’s head as well as offer protection against any impact, thanks to the multi-directional impact protection system. With this type of helmet, you can be sure you have got the real deal for your kids.


  • Light in weight, easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • Has a dial-adjust system to offer a great fit
  • The helmet comes with visible reflectors that make it easy to be seen while on the road protecting you from oncoming bikes and motor vehicles
  • Has an inbuilt visor and pinch guard buckle that is crucial to prevent hurting your toddler


  • Comes with fewer air vents (7 in number) but still very comfortable
  • Some customers have complained of loose chin straps even at the shortest setting however you can be assured this type of helmet is exceptional

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5. Melon Urban Active Collection Helmet

Melon Urban Active Collection HelmetComing in a wide range of colors, this helmet is highly recommended for its cool features. The helmets also come in different sizes for you to pick for your young ones to use while playing around. The helmet is packed with a lot of security and comfort features to make it the best toddler ski helmet.

If you are looking for something cool, comfortable and light in weight so as to allow for free riding, you get it in Melon urban active collection helmet.

Manufactured with the highest level of protection against possible impact, this is one of the best toddler helmets for your infants and toddlers.


  • It is very light and comfortable compared to other helmets
  • It has sufficient air vents (12) to guarantee maximum comfort while riding by providing sufficient air circulation
  • It comes in three base sizes, each adjustable through cool-max pads and adjustment system to ensure it fits any head size.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from depending with your taste and your child’s preferences
  • Has reflective straps and dome sticker to offer maximum visibility while on the road.


  • Relatively costlier compared with other helmets, but, it is worth every single coin spent on it.
Melon Smoochy Helmet, White/Pink, Glossy Finish, Small, 46 - 52cm / 18.25 - 20.5in Head...
  • High-tech in-mold construction in a...
  • Three base sizes are Available,...
  • 12 air inlets, air channels and a...

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How To Choose The Best Toddler Helmets

how to choose best toddler helmets

With the many types of helmets for kids in the market, it may be difficult to actually tell which one is the best for you to purchase. As experts in this area, we have comprised our best toddler helmets based on our personal experience as experts and considering many customer reviews, verified buyer ratings and customer feedback.

The following are however some of the crucial features you need to put into consideration when choosing the best toddler bike helmet.


This is one of the major considerations that will limit your choice of the helmet to buy for your child. Most of the companies size their helmets based on age of kids however, it is advisable to measure the size of your baby’s head to get the exact size so that you can easily find a helmet that will perfectly fit into it. Remember different kids in the same age bracket may differ in terms of head size hence the need to measure by wrapping a vinyl tape measure around the baby’s noggin and read the measurements. Once done, it is time to go shopping for the right helmet.


Lightweight helmets are considered to be ideal due to their comfort especially to your young ones. In this case in-mold helmets are preferred to hard shell helmets because they are very light in weight and vented too in a variety of amazing shapes.

Ventilation holes-

Ventilation holes allow for free circulation of fresh hair around your toddler’s head while they are cycling. While the head is covered, the holes will prevent it from getting too hot, sweaty and uncomfortable while riding. It is a good idea that most of the modern toddler helmets come with air vents however, some come with more of them as compared to others. The best helmets in this case would be ones with more air vents for better circulation.

The visor-

Some toddler helmets come with an inbuilt visor while others don’t. This is usually a great feature to help protect your toddler from direct sun rays from entering into their eyes. Some would also prefer those without the visor on grounds that it may hinder the view of your young one while riding around. At a very young age, it would be recommendable to apply sunscreen rather than buying a toddler helmet with a visor.

Chin strap-

While getting your child a bike helmet, it would also be crucial to consider one with a padded strap that stays secure and soft against your baby’s skin preventing irritation. You also need to look for a helmet with an adjustable strap to ensure the helmet sits tight and secure on your baby’s head. Another point on this, you have to be keen on the chinstrap when clipping to avoid pinching your baby’s skin. In this case, look for one with a pinch guard.

CPSC certification-

You should always ensure that you buy products that have been certified by the consumer product safety commission. While it is true that most of the helmets in the market are CPSC certified, there are also those that of low quality imported from other parts. They may be cheaper in price, but definitely of poor quality.


Your child always needs to wear a toddler helmet while biking for the simple reason; guaranteeing their safety against any impact in case of a fall or an accident. While there are many toddler helmets in the industry, we have keenly gathered expert information to come up with the five best toddler helmets discussed above.

Irrespective of the brand of toddler helmets you choose, you still need to consider a number of factors such as size, certification, visor, chin strap, weight and number of air vents among other among others. All factors put into consideration, your child’s safety and comfort always should be prioritized. It doesn’t matter how great a certain helmet is, if your kid is not comfortable having it on, then it may not be the best to provide your child with the necessary protection.

Always consider to consult with your kids to try and understand what their tastes are too before you make you ultimate decision to ensure that both of you are in agreement on what exactly you need in the best toddler helmet.

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  1. Nice selection. Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet one of the good helmet for a toddler but I think there are some other helmets is not bad like as “Nutcase – Little Nutty Street Bike Helmet”.

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