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Best Ring Sling Reviews In 2018 (Updated)

best ring sling

It is an exciting moment when you become the new mother in town! However, you must understand the responsibilities that come with it. Sooner or later, you will realize how difficult it is to go about your daily chores at the same time attending to the baby! Sometimes you will be forced to halt whatever you are doing to attend to them. Getting the best ring sling will, however, come in handy to make things easier for you.

What Is A Ring Sling?

This is a long piece of fabric and two rings used to carry babies around in comfort. It is usually worn across the torso and supported by one shoulder. The ring slings usually come in different fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, cashmere or wool. They are basically meant for babies, but can as well be used to accommodate toddlers. The difference between the ring slings and baby wraps is only on the ease of use otherwise they are almost similar.

The use of ring sling baby carriers has indeed increased in popularity over the last few years because they look great and offer a variety of carrying options as well. Besides, some research has indicated that baby ring slings reduce crying in newborns and serve as amazing covers when breastfeeding your baby in public.

5 Best Ring Sling Quick List

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Top 5 Best Ring Sling Reviews in 2018

To find the best ring sling for newborns, we researched a number of models in the market, consulted widely, talked to several moms regarding this subject and came up with a conclusion on what we think received the highest number of positive reviews.

The following are reviews for the top 5 best ring sling baby carriers;

1. Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers (Rainbow Honeycomb)
Whether strolling about the neighborhood or running errands indoors and need to carry your champ around, the hip baby wrap ring sling baby carrier will be ideal for you. It is purely made of cotton (breathable fabric) and high-quality aluminum sling rings for easy adjustment. It is one of the best baby sling baby carriers for front tummy to tummy and hip carriers that you can use to carry your infant and toddlers around.

This ring sling baby carrier is ideal for babies between 8 and 35 lbs. the lightweight sling ring baby carrier is actually cool to use any time of the day since it is easily manipulated. It also has an ergonomic design that helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly across your body.

If you are looking for the best ring sling for newborn, look no further; it relieves your neck and shoulders from unnecessary strain while enhancing bonding between you and your child. Having been perfectly hand-woven with non-toxic and eco-friendly dies, you can be assured of the best ring sling for carrying your baby.


  • It is long enough to be used by mothers of all sizes
  • Easy to adjust depending on the size of the baby
  • Seams are double or triple reinforced to enhance their strength and longevity
  • They are comfortable hence can run your errands with the baby intact and never have to hurt your shoulders at the end of the day


  • The brand is machine washable and to protect the washer/dryer, you will have to secure the rings with hair tie before washing them in the machine. This will also protect the rings.
Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers (Rainbow Honeycomb)
  • Made with beautiful 100% cotton,...
  • Fair trade and individually...
  • Our lightweight fabric makes the...

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2. Baby Wrap Best Baby Carrier by Cuddle Bug

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier - Newborns & Toddlers up to 36 lbs - Hands Free -...
Go hands-free with this amazing baby carrier that you can use just about anywhere from indoors while running house chores to the beach while having an evening stroll with your champ.  You can use this baby wrap to enhance your child’s natural feeding and sleeping rhythm as a result of body contact between you and your toddler.

The baby carrier comes in multiple colors for you to choose from. Any mom would have this as a perfect gift since it offers maximum comfort and flexibility because the wraps are made from s blend of French Terry Cotton and spandex making them soft enough not to hurt any type of skin.


  • The baby wrap is flexible and soft for any skin
  • You can choose from a variety of color options provided
  • Promotes bonding between mother and child as a result of constant touching, feeding cuddling and eye contact. This promotes faster learning, emotional development, and communication between the mother and baby.
  • Soft enough not to hurt any type of skin as well as flexible enough to stretch so as to keep you and your baby safe and comfortable
  • These wraps insulate the baby keeping them warm during cold weathers
  • You can breastfeed your baby on the go

If you are looking for one of the best ring slings for newborns to enhance their development as well as improve your quality of life, then baby wrap best baby carrier by cuddlebug would be ideal to consider.

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier - Newborns & Toddlers up to 36 lbs - Hands Free -...
  • Carry your baby HANDS FREE! There's...

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3. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier for Infants and Newborns

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier for Infant, Newborn, Toddler, Nursing Cover,...
Another great option for the best ring sling for newborns is here. It is made from 100% premium cotton thus guaranteeing top class quality you need for baby wraps. The material is strong, soft and breathable with rings made from ultra strong nylon with rounded edges.

The nylon rings are ideal to avoid damages to the fabric as well as the washing machine or dryer. The 6.6 nylon ring used in this baby wrap is light t in weight, tensile in strength, long-lasting and resistant to damage unlike rings made of other materials like metal and plastic that are easily oxidized or become brittle with time.


  • Protects the baby’s hip as well as supporting the entire body
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers
  • Improves baby’s posture thus easy nursing and feeding
  • Offers a sense of security and bonding between mother and child
  • Rings are made of nylon making them durable and safe
  • Fully adjustable and easy to set up
  • Ideal for nursing since it is easy to position the baby in the right nursing and feeding posture.
  • Easy on your back irrespective of the weight of the baby


  • Might be needed to keep adjusting it while using

The mamaway ring sling carrier wrap is more than just a wrap; get one today and enjoy your motherhood as you take care of the little champ.

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier for Infant, Newborn, Toddler, Nursing Cover,...

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4. Vlokup Baby Sling Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

Vlokup Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Soft Cotton Baby Sling Baby Wrap for Newborn Infant...
This is a classy option for the best ring sling for newborns that helps to maintain free spirit flair. It is made purely from cotton which is not only strong and durable but also lightweight and breathable to help warm the baby during winter and cool during summer.

The baby wrap is adjustable to fit any mom and strong enough to carry up babies weighing up to 40 pounds. It is easy to adjust the ring sling fast. With a shoulder pad, the baby’s weight is evenly distributed through the torso thus preventing the neck and shoulders from straining.

The railings are also lightly padded to provide cushioning to the baby’s tender thighs. This is actually one of the most comfortable ring slings for mother-baby bonding. This baby wrap’s design is perfect for privacy breastfeeding as it has a long tail that forms a private space for moms to nurse their babies wherever they are without worrying about their privacy.

Since the baby ring sling comes with two pockets, you can have your essentials such as keys, phone, baby’s pacifier and other small things conveniently kept wherever you go. The pocket is a bit larger for storing the sling when not in use. When cleaning, use cool water and hang to dry or use a washing machine.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Light in weight and lightly padded on the shoulder to boost comfort
  • Comes with a pocket which you can use to store small items like phone and key
  • Made of cotton which is strong and durable as well as soft for comfort
  • One of the most affordable in the market
  • Comes with two pockets for carrying small objects like phones
  • Has a long tail to cover the baby when nursing or cover the baby when it is too hot
  • The baby wrap designs a long tail to provide space for mums to privately breast feed the baby


  • Not ideal for plus size mums
  • Made of aluminum rings which are not ideal for machine washing
  • The material is thick thus not ideal for warm weather and summer seasons
Vlokup Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Soft Cotton Baby Sling Baby Wrap for Newborn Infant...
  • Wearing Baby Close: Babywearing...
  • Super Soft, Durable & Lightweight...
  • Easy to Use: Our Vlokup baby wrap...

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5. Lite on Sshoulder Baby Sling Ergonomic

Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling
With a lightly padded shoulder portion, baby’s weight is evenly distributed through the torso to avoid straining of the neck and shoulders. The baby wrap also comes in a curved “pouch shape” design to perfectly and comfortably fit the baby and offer a better grip on the baby’s thighs. Many moms prefer this baby ring sling to prevent slipping problems in cases of squirmy babies.

The baby ring sling is made of high-quality cotton which is light and durable irrespective of the weight of the baby. Its rings are made of cast copper zinc allow with no wielding point that may result in their breakage. This makes the rings stronger compared to the use of aluminum rings. With a long tail, security of the baby is guaranteed without compromising on the appearance of the baby wrap.

If you are looking for the right ring sling for your newborn to snuggle, rock to sleep or nurse, the Lite-on-shoulder is ideal for your consideration. It is available in only one size that fits all, up to size 22 of mothers.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Shoulder is padded for more comfort when carrying your baby around
  • It is comfortable for the baby too
  • Promotes bonding between mother and baby through eye contact and constant touch among others
  • Provides privacy when breastfeeding your baby anywhere, anytime.


  • Made of metallic rings which may damage your washing machine or dryer
  • Not ideal for grown babies like above 20 lbs because the cloth starts to slide through the rings demanding you to frequently tighten.
Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling
  • The curved "pouch shape" design of...
  • Lightly padded Shoulder portion...
  • Lite-on-Shoulder Sling Carrier is...

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How to Choose the Best Ring Sling

For someone looking a simple baby carrier, ring slings are a perfect option. However, everybody must do their homework well before rushing to purchase a ring sling. For the most part, all ring slings are basically similar in design and use. This, however, does not mean that you can pick any ring sling or baby wrap that comes your way.

The following guideline could be of great help when making the choice on the best ring sling for carrying your newborn baby or toddler. The bottom line, however, is that there is something for everyone!

Consider the shoulder style of the ring sling

In most cases, different ring slings come with different shoulder styles. There is actually no single shoulder style that is universally be accepted as the right one. You will, therefore, be needed to make your personal choice on the type of shoulder style that impresses you and fits you perfectly. When it comes to considering this aspect, most manufacturers have come with up a design that can be worn on either shoulder rather than wearing it on one shoulder all the time.

Check out the tail size

This is an extension beyond the rings. While it is ideal to consider one with a long tail so as to help in cases of maintaining privacy, the decision will be considered to be personal. Every mom has her own preference when it comes to the size of the tail. The tails also change the design of the ring sling a little bit meaning that you will have to choose based on your preferences.

Check out the size

Most of the ring slings on the market today are quite flexible when it comes to sizing. However, it is good to purchase the right size. For plus size mothers, they must consider looking for brands that provide large ring slings.

Choose the right material

There is a wide range of fabrics used in making ring slings for newborns. Such qualities as softness, smoothness, and color play a great role when determining the fabric material. Cotton is considered as one of the best fabric in this case because of its strength, ease of care, gentleness, and softness to guarantee easy wrapping and safety of the baby. Combed cotton adds to the softness of the fabric while organic Pima cotton is considered the most gentle and softest of them all.

Other good fabrics to consider are silk, linen, bamboo and cashmere blends among others. Well, the issue of fabric may be looked into in terms of strength for durability, ability to properly wrap and above all cost. Depending on what your money can afford, you can be sure of getting something for yourself.

In short, select a ring sling made of the highest quality material, comfortable and safe for both you and the baby. Always consider cotton and linen or linen blends because they are considered to be the best quality materials available.

Consider the Season or weather

When you are looking for the best sling baby carrier, you definitely must consider the weather and season of the year. During the summer season, you definitely need something lighter, cooler and shorter wraps would be ideal as opposed to warmer, denser and heavier wraps during winter.

Consider your budget

Always check out the various ring slings available that fit your budget. Do not overstretch your budget just to buy a ring sling if you do not have enough money. There is a wide range of these ring slings and you can be sure to get something within your budget.


As earlier mentioned, all these products are similar in terms of their function. Each one of them has some amazing and superior features. However, based on individual tastes and preferences, we believe there is one that will stand out amongst the rest.

According to our research, the vlokup baby sling ring carrier wrap stands out in a number of ways. Besides being a one size fit all, it has a better design, durable, made of the right and comfortable material (cotton) and above all pocket-friendly! In fact, looking into all the factors to consider when purchasing the best ring sling, the Vlokup has it all!

Good luck!

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