Best Probiotics For Kids

Best Probiotics For Kids In 2018 (Updated)

Best Probiotics For Kids

Is your kid showing signs of digestive distress? Are you worried about the immune system of your little one? Then time is ripe for you to introduce probiotics into their feeding program. The best probiotics for kids will deliver undeniable benefits. Incorporating them into your little one’s daily routine will go a long way in boosting their immune, gastrointestinal, and overall health.

If you are in the market for the best probiotics supplement for kids, you got a critical decision to make. The market is flooded with many brands some authentic while others are deceptive. Making the right decision can be a daunting task especially if your knowledge of this products is shallow.  This guide is compiled to give you a superb start. We’ll help you learn how to select the best and relieve you of the burden of choice.

5 Best Probiotics Quick List

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Top 5 Best Probiotics for Kids in 2018

There are in numerous probiotics products on the market. Any cautious mother will attest to the fact that it’s pretty hard to spot the best. But you need not worry. We have compiled this list of the best five probiotics products for kids. Each product that made it to our list is well researched and test to ensure it offers nothing but the best.

1. PRO Kids Children Probiotics

PRO Kids Children Probiotics

PRO Kids Children Probiotics is highly effective probiotics product that gives your kind a strong basis for a strong immune system. It is a tiny pill based supplement that is great tasting and all natural. The pills (also called pearls) are the size of the green pea, for this reason, the kid easily swallows them. The pills are more effective when swallowed, but their great taste makes them great for chewing.

The probiotics are formulated using a patented BIO-tract preparation technology to deliver a supplement that reaches deep into the intestinal tract. The technique allows these pills to time release probiotics and prebiotics that survive the adversity of stomach acid. The patented technology ensures more than 60% of the probiotics reach the place they are needed most.

It’s estimated that 80% of your kid’s immune system resides in the gut. When they consume PRO kids children probiotics, they create an abundance of the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. This prevents the bad bacteria from inhabiting the gut, thereby improving the immune and digestive health.

Another great benefitis that this product is sugar-free and natural. It’s only sweetened with stevia and contains no flavors, or artificial colors. It’s a quality hygiene regimen that is formulated to promote nutrients absorptions, repopulate the child’s intestinal tract, and boost the natural defenses.


  • It’s all natural
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Time released pearls
  • Easy to swallow
  • It’s sugar-free


  • Not highly effective when crushed
  • May cause bloating
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2. Rainbow Light Probiotics Gummies

Rainbow Light Probiotics GummiesThis is another superb probiotics for babies who like swallowing large capsules. It’s the perfect option for parents who hate the tedious task of mixing the powder into baby foods and drinks. These gummies are expertly formulated with probiotics and prebiotics to support immune and digestive health.

The cranberry flavored probiotics restore the natural state of the digestive system. A single serving of this products is capable of replenishing your kid’s probiotic stores. It eases the common digestive discomfort including: constipation, gas, and diarrhea. Also, the probiotics are superb in supporting lactose digestion.

The Rainbow light Product has a perfect probiotic strain that is protected with a natural coating. For this reason, there is no need to refrigerate them. The coating enables them to survive all adversities including shipping, manufacturing, and stomach acid. The coating ensures a bigger percentage of the probiotics reach deep into the digestive tract.

In addition, these gummies are free of gluten, wheat, lactose, milk, soy, eggs, fish, peanuts, and shellfish. It’s engineered with natural flavors and colors; it contains no artificial ingredients. It has the perfect combination of ingredients that promote the intestinal colonization of probiotics.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Has three probiotics strains
  • Expiration date posted


  • Only one gram of sugar
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3. GardenLifeRAW Probiotics Kids

GardenLifeRAW Probiotics KidsIf you are interested in powder probiotics, this is a magnificent option. This product offers a lotin terms of CFU of probiotics. It’s specifically formulated for the baby’s unique needs and include organic, raw, and whole food probiotics. Each serving contains bifidobacteria and lactobacillus acidophilus that support probiotics growth, immune system, and digestive health. It also contains prebiotic inulin that aid absorption of nutrients.

The powders miscibility is amazing. It mixes perfectly with a range of drinks including; juice and milk. The product is made from all natural ingredients,and its powder form makes it easy to administer. It’s formulated with 23 raw and organic fruits and vegetables. The product delivers a stunning 5 billion probiotic cells. It’s also formulated with raw inulin prebiotics which also acts as the preservative.

This product is gluten-free which means it’s a good option for kids with gluten intolerance problems. It’s also vegetarian and is perfect for people on strict dietary or ethical vegetarian diets. In addition, this product has no soy allergens and contains no carriers, fillers, or binders. It’s formulated with the health-conscious parents in mind thanks to their natural, fresh, and safe ingredients.


  • Made entirely from organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Excellent miscibility
  • Contains over 5 billion live probiotics


  • More work to mix
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4. Naturo Sciences, Children Chewable Probiotics

Naturo Sciences, Children Chewable ProbioticsNaturo Sciences Chewable Probiotics  is the perfect product which works superbly as a quick fix or long-term solution to stomach upsets. It’s a great remedy for tummy problems arising from the use of antibiotics. The product works effectively to help the little one get over the painful tummy problems.

Naturo sciences chewable probiotics are one of the best probiotics for kids. It contains 8 probiotics strains including Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. In addition, the product contains essential prebiotics which complements its potency and quality.

Most of the probiotics in the market must be refrigerated to be fully effective for long. However, the Naturo Sciences chewable probiotics are formulated to be different. It features an advanced nitrogen filled blister pack which provides an effective refrigerator-like environment. The pack keeps all the 5 billion probiotics microorganism active for long.

This probiotic is sugar-free but has a stunning natural tangerine flavor loved by many kids. The chewable product is effective when chewed or when crushed and taken with cold foods. The once a day can be hidden in snacks for ease of administration. In addition, the product is safe for kids with special needs and allergies. It’s perfectly formulated with all kids in mind since its dairy, gluten, tree nut, soy, shellfish, peanut, and wheat free.


  • Can be used with antibiotics
  • Good for children with special needs and allergies
  • Features guaranteed fresh cultures


  • Low CFU count
  • Should be taken with food
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5. LoveBug Tiny Tummies Probiotics

LoveBug Tiny Tummies ProbioticsTiny tummies probiotics is a revolutionary product from Love Bug. It’s an incredible dietary supplement formulated to help the little ones regain digestive system health. The healthy bacteria in this product are easily digested once it’s consumed. They are then pushed through to the gastrointestinal tract where they create a conducive environment. This is a superb probiotics product for children between the age of 6 months and three years.

The product is purely made of ingredients that work together to improve the overall health. Some it key ingredients include: L. longum, L.gasseri, B. bifidum, L. casei, L. paracasei, L. rhamnosus GG. The ingredients are expertly combined to improve the ability of child’s body to fight illness and toxins. The probiotics impacts on how well the immune and digestive system works. When the good bacteria remains in the child’s GI tract, it helps to maintain a good amount of flora.

LoveBug tiny tummies probiotics are made from all organic, and natural ingredients. It’s considered safe for child’s consumption and comes with no known side effects. The product is supplied in powder form and can easily be mixed with your kid’s drinks and meals. Every dosecomesin its own packet that eliminates the guesswork in your child’s dosage.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for your kids digestive health
  • Supplies plenty of good bacteria
  • Maintains the right flora


  • Less information about the ingredients
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How To Choose The Best Probiotics for Your Child

The increased number probiotics brand has thrown many buyers into confusion. Many are left wondering how they can select the best probiotics for kids. If you fall into this category, you need not worry. We have compiled this section to help you make an informed decision. If you are in the market for a probiotic product, here are some buying tips.

What Probiotic Strains are Included?

Many buyers have been enticed to believe that if a product has many bacteria or Colony Forming Units (CFU), it’s more effective.  However, this is not yet scientifically proven and might not be true..Therefore, anyone telling you that more is better is just delivering an empty sales pitch.

When buying shopping for the best probiotics for kids, the most important factor to consider is the number of bacteria strains. It’s believed that different strains of bacteria perform varying functions in the digestive tract. Besides, these strains are concentrated in different parts of the digestive tract.

Therefore if a product has multiple strains of bacteria, it will be more effective than those with a high concentration of a single strain. The best probiotics supplement for kids should contain at least three bacteria strains.

How are The Probiotics Delivered?

This is an important factor to consider when narrowing down you probiotics options. Probiotics supplements are delivered in a number of ways. Understanding how each product delivers its probiotics means a lot to how effective the product is. If a delivery system of the probiotics determines the number of active bacteria that reach the deep GI tract. The best probiotics for kids is one that delivers a high number of active bacteria that can survive the harsh stomach acids.

The delivery system of probiotic products has been a key developmental area. Currently, the controlled release tablet is one of the best delivery systems in the industry. However, new methods are coming up and are good to keep a close eye.

Overall, a delivery system is good only if it delivers the highest percentage of bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract alive. This has been as triking spot for many sellers, and it’s good to note the details as listed by the manufacturer. Any manufacturer that willingly disclose how their products works is confident the product is effective.

Another point worth noting is how the product is packaged. Probiotic bacteria are sensitive microorganisms that can easily be affected by the environment. Also, examine and determine if you will be required to refrigerate the probiotics. There are revolutionary delivery systems which eliminate the need for refrigeration. In addition, the packaging should guarantee optimal protection against heat, light, and moisture. Any product with thick, opaque bottles and desiccant pouches is the best.

Expiration Date

The supplements industry leaves it open for manufacturers to include the expiry date or not. If this important information is included, it talks volume about the quality of the product. A high-quality probiotic supplement includes a noticeably labeled expiration date. Any product with this bit of information should raise questions. However, the date displayed is the date until when the probiotics will remain potent and active.

Products Potency

Colony forming units (CFU) is the measure of the number of probiotics in a product. The right amount of the bacteria depends on the medical condition. However, the best product contains at least 10 billion CFU.

Supplement Quality

Kids are sensitive creatures and feeding them on high-quality probiotics products should be top of your priority. Quality is paramount especially when you want to improve the digestive health. If the product requires no refrigeration, the manufacturer should guarantee that the bacteria will stay active for the full shelf life. In addition, the best probiotics for kids should contain prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the probiotics and enable them to easily propagate once they reach the intestines.


Although the market is awash with multiple probiotics brand, it vivid that only a few are qualified. Out of the five products we have reviewed, the PRO kid’s children probiotics outshines the others. This product is more effective and stronger than the others. It gives you kid a great foundation they require for the best overall health.

They are powerful time-released pearls that bring plenty of kid-friendly bacteria in the gut. The product has a long shelf life which ensures the probiotics remains active for long. Besides, the administration of this probiotics is quite easy,and many kids will be comfortable with it.

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