best organic baby foods

Best Organic Baby Foods Review In 2018 (Updated)

best organic baby foods

The growing trend of feeding the little ones with organic food is a supreme idea for every parent.  The habit is slowly becoming a responsibility and not a choice. Every parent; including those who don’t gravitate towards these foods for themselves, are taking note of the value. The demand has led to the introduction of multiple brands. Every brand is fighting to reign, and this has inculcated confusion in the minds of buyers.

You owe your little one nothing but the best. Therefore, the best decision you can make is buying the best organic baby foods for them. The market offering is limitless, and with the right information, it’s very easy to find the best brand. We have compiled this article to share helpful information that will help you make a concrete decision. Ready to shop? Keep reading this article.

5 Best Organic Baby Foods Quick List

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Top 5 Best Organic Baby Foods Review in 2018

What is the best organic baby food? If this question is lingering in your mind, we have a solution for you. Our compilation of the best organic baby foods review will help you make a concrete decision. The following are the best five organic baby foods.

1. Gerber Organic Singla Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal

Gerber Baby Cereal Organic 1st Foods, Grain & Grow, Oatmeal, 8 Ounces (Pack of 6)
 Gerber organic is an amazing organic baby food. This product is widely available in discount and grocery stores. It comes in brown rice, oatmeal, and oatmeal with apple and peach flavors. In addition, the product is available in pouches and jars. It’s a nice first oatmeal that contains no additives, no questionable manufacturing process or sourcing.

Your baby should start with the brown rice and oatmeal, before moving on to the flavored variety. The oatmeal offers the best consistency for first foods. On the other hand, the apple and peach flavored oatmeal are the sweetest of the three. When mixed with breast milk, the oatmeal variety seems to be the most popular with babies.

All the varieties deliver near identical nutritional composition. They supply 45% iron per serving, approximately 0.5 to 1g of fat, and 2g of sugar. The iron content is perfectly balanced to provide maximum benefits without causing constipation. Besides, all the version are good organic sources of choline (choline bitartrate and soy lecithin) which is good for eye and brain development. In addition, the products supply vital amount s of minerals and vitamins including Vitamin C, B vitamins, Vitamin E, calcium, and zinc. Unlike the two oatmeal versions, the brown rice variety is gluten-free.


  • USDA certified organic
  • Good amounts of iron
  • Non GMO
  • Provides vital mineral and vitamins


  • Concerns with the expiry date
Gerber Baby Cereal Organic 1st Foods, Grain & Grow, Oatmeal, 8 Ounces (Pack of 6)
  • SINGLE GRAIN CEREAL: This single...
  • SOLID STARTER: Single-grain infant...

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2. Plum Organics Organic Baby Food

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch | Stage 2 | Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack | 3.5 Ounce | 18...
Looking for earth’s best organic baby foods, look no further! The Plum Organics is a renowned brand that delivers classic baby foods. Besides, the brand is well loved for its innovative new snacks for the older babies. Plum organic has built a good reputation for helping babies right from the pregnancy through to 2 years.

Plum organic baby food features a smooth texture, delicious flavors, and sustainable & reasonable ingredients sourcing. It’s a whole grain that supplies 35% to 45% daily value of iron to the little ones. In addition, the product contains dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It’s purely made of organically grown whole grains and has no traces of refined sugar, salt, or preservatives. The product is offered in unique flavors which include: pear, purple carrot, and blueberry; delicious banana pumpkin; apple $ carrot; and the pear & mango flavors.

In particular, this is a stage two baby food that comes with veggies and fruits blend. The USDA certified organic ingredients used are mixed with gently cooked blends. They are also preserved in resealable pouches to provide portion flexibility. The earth’s best organic baby food comes with 6 pouches for all its flavors and is perfect for babies of 6 months and up. In addition, no artificial sweetener or flavors are used.


  • Non GMO
  • 100% BPA free packaging
  • USDA certified organic
  • Variety of flavors
Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch | Stage 2 | Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack | 3.5 Ounce | 18...
  • ORGANIC BABY FOOD: Made with...

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3. Happy Baby Organic Baby Food

Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with Choline Oatmeal, 7 Ounce Canister (Pack of...
The Happy Baby is a reputable manufacturer of organic baby foods ranging from the first stage to toddler years. One of its renowned product is the Happy Baby organic baby cereal. This is one of the best organic baby food that is fortified with iron and contains commendable probiotics.

The organic cereal is an ideal first solid food for babies. The probiotics from Bifidobacterium lactis support the digestives system are vital to your baby’s health.  The product also contains good amounts of choline renowned for supporting baby’s development. In addition, it supplies 80% daily value of iron (incredible for brain development) and 20% daily value calcium which is vital for strong teeth and bones.

Additionally, this cereal is easily digestible which makes it easy for the baby to benefit from the nutrients. The product is perfect for babies between 4 and 6 months.  It’s well formulated to help your baby take advantage of every bite. The Happy Baby organic baby food delivers as the name suggest. It makes eating effortless and more enlightened. Its deliciousness makes it resistible, and the fact that its USDA certified is the icing on the cake. If your toddler is bored by the old snacks and crackers, its time you tried an innovative product.


  • Perfect for baby’s first solid food
  • Easy to prepare
  • USDA certified organic
  • Delicious


  • Concerns with the expiry date
Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with Choline Oatmeal, 7 Ounce Canister (Pack of...
  • HAPPY BABY: At Happy Baby Organics,...

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4. Earth Best Organic Stage One Baby Food

Earth's Best Organic Stage 1 Baby Food, My First Veggies Variety Pack, 2.5 oz. Jar (12...
The Earth best organic stage one food is the perfect food for babies who are 4+ months old. The product is made of single organic veggies puree. The product is manufactured from organic vegetables and contains no traces of harmful chemical pesticides. It is an incredible alternative to the iron-fortified cereals like rice and oatmeal.

This baby food comes in a pack of 12 jar variety including 4, 2.5oz of each: first peas, first carrots, and first sweet potatoes. It’s a comprehensive line of USDA certified organic toddler foods. Its smooth texture means the babies can swallow the food easily. In addition, the food is easily digestible which translates to the quick uptake of nutrients by the baby. The Earth Best organic first stage food offers the best way to introduce your baby to solid foods. Since it formulated with a single ingredient, it helps you to identify potential food allergies and sensitivity for your baby.

It is important to note that this organic food is non-GMO and its vegan. No preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavors, growth hormones, or color is added. Besides, this is one of the best organic baby food that contains no sugar or salt. It provides a consistently delicious quality that is dominated by complete organic ingredients.


  • BPA free packaging
  • USDA certified organic
  • Non GMO
  • Has smooth texture
  • Single organic veggie
Earth's Best Organic Stage 1 Baby Food, My First Veggies Variety Pack, 2.5 oz. Jar (12...
  • Four 2.5 oz. jars each of Earth's...
  • For babies 4 months and older
  • Packaged in BPA free resealable...

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5. Earth Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal

Earth's Best Organic Infant Cereal, Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal, 8 oz Box (Pack of 12)
Earth best is a reputable brand, well known for the manufacture of the best organic baby foods. The company has been in the industry since 1985 producing baby foods that wow the modern mothers. It was also amongst the first brand to attain the status of certified organic.

The Earth Best Whole grain cereal is an incredible product available with or without fruit. The food supplies up to 45% of daily value iron for babies. In addition, it provides vital minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. The cereal contains a blend of organically grown whole grains and is fortified with B vitamins and zinc. It’s perfectly formulated to ensure your baby grow up strong and healthy eating wholesome foods. It contains all the essential nutrients that may be required for your baby.

In addition, the product is made carefully to ensure all the ingredients are not only organic but offer maximum nutrition benefits. Earth best Whole grain product supplies the healthiest and purest, organic nutrition that is unparalleled. It’s also availed in a variety of textures and taste made to satisfy various preferences of babies.  Right from the first bite on, this product sparks rapid development of your little one’s body.


  • Fortified with iron
  • Made of whole grains only
  • USDA certified organic
Earth's Best Organic Infant Cereal, Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal, 8 oz Box (Pack of 12)
  • Twelve 8 oz. boxes of Earth's Best...
  • Made with whole grains and...
  • For infants transitioning to solid...

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Why Choose Organic Baby Foods For Your Child

Giving our little one the best start in life is always top of our priorities. For this reason, we fight tooth to nail to find the best organic baby foods for them. You appreciate toddlers and babies are sensitive creatures, vulnerable to toxic chemicals used in orthodox farming. Even the slightest of traces can cause detrimental effects on your baby’s health. And for this reason, you have to turn to organic baby foods.

But do you think organic foods are safe for your toddler or baby? What are the benefits of relying on this type of baby food? You probably know organic foods are excellent for our health and more importantly our baby’s health. The following are some of the benefits of organic baby foods.

Use naturally grown ingredients

Ingredients used in the manufacture of baby foods are organically grown. They are grown naturally in farms and are not contaminated with chemicals like pesticides. This means the foods will have no short term or long term health effects on the health of your little one.

Your baby deserves more nutrients. Naturally grown foods have no artificial ingredients or processed junk. By focusing on organic baby foods, your baby benefits from the good stuff and bypass fillers that add no nutritional value.

High nutritional value

Organic baby foods keep all minerals and nutrients in the most beneficial form. Besides, the foods contain considerable more nutrients than the conventional baby foods. Organic vegetables and fruits are packed with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. One study showed that organic strawberries contain approximately 8.5% more antioxidants than those grown conventionally.

You are aware of what the baby is eating

Before any product is labeled as organic, it must meet specific strict standards. The product is closely and rigorously tested to ensure it contains the stated ingredients. For this reason, it becomes easy for you to know what your baby is eating. In addition, bypassing the Organic Product Regulation, it means the product contains no growth enhancers, pesticides, artificial additives, or antibiotics.

Ever heard of genetically modified foods? GMO products are slowly finding a way in the modern market. These foods are completely experimental and are not safe for the little ones. By feeding your little one with organics foods, you limit the exposure to the potentially harmful GMO products.

Its tasty

The best organic baby foods have excellent textures and deeper flavors which ensure an amazing eating experience. They provide the best way to inspire the baby to adopt good eating habits right from the start. The foods are yummy, and health and are the best way to provide optimal health benefits to the little one.


Organic baby foods provide plenty of health benefits to your baby. The best thing is that you will easily find a product formulated for every eating stage. Whether its stage one, two, or three there are multiple options for your baby. In addition, it’s easy to sustain the feeding habit because the products are readily available.

Stages of Baby Foods

Babies have different nutritional recommendations based on their age. If it’s your first time to shop for the best organic baby food, you will see products labeled: stage 1, stage 2, or stage 3. So what does this mean?

Stage 1

Any baby food labeled “stage 1” is formulated for babies between the ages of 4 to 6 months. Stage one foods are made up of one ingredients purees. The purees are perfectly smooth and don’t contain complicated texture or lumps. In addition, this type of baby foods doesn’t contain dairy, eggs, or meat. They contain single ingredients like oat, fruits, or vegetables.

Stage one foods enable you to introduce an allergy schedule. The schedule requires you to feed the baby on a single ingredient at a time. You should only introduce a new ingredient every four days. Stick to the allergy schedule until you establish the ingredients that cause no sensitivities or allergies. Once that is achieved, you can then start mixing different ingredients (vegetables, fruits, and cereals) together. However, it always nice to consult a pediatrician.

Stage 2

The stage 2 foods are formulated for babies aged between 6 and 8 months. The foods are usually vegetable, fruits, and grains blends. Unlike the stage 1 foods, this type contains up to four ingredients. Besides, the foods are not pureed but are strained. For this reason, the stage 2 foods have a deeper texture which is good for babies who are learning to chew and swallow. Additionally, since the babies are eating more, these foods are packaged in larger containers.

It’s advisable to introduce a new baby food every 2 to 3 days unless there is any sensitivity or allergy. You can also formulate a mixture of different vegetables, fruits, and cereals. The second stage foods are formulated to allow the baby to eat a diet that contains vitamins and minerals. The food aid the growth and development of the baby.

Stage 3

The stage 3 foods are formulated for babies aged 8 to 10 months and up. Unlike the other foods, stage 3 foods come in multiple texture and complex blends. They contain a lot of new foods in them including meat, eggs, and dairy content. Besides, there are vegetarian varieties for parents who wish not to introduce babies to animal products until they are 1 year old.

Additionally, these foods are mashed instead of being pureed or strained. They contain traces of soft foods and are the best way teach your baby to chew. They also present the opportunity for your little one to learn how to use the spoon or fork.

Past this stage, your baby will have developed teeth and can try out chunkier foods. However, it’s wise to cut the food into tiny pieces to avoid choking the little one.


As aforementioned, babies are sensitive creatures and what they eat should be selected carefully. Going the organic foods route is an incredible way to kick-start their feeding. However, because of the product diversity exhibited by the modern market, it can be difficult to settle for the best.

We hope that our guide will help you find the best organic baby foods. We have given all the tips you need to make your buying process straightforward. With the list of five products, you will easily find a products to nourish your little one and help them develop healthy eating habits. You will be able to serve them safe, tasty, and environmentally friendly products without a hassle

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