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Best Nursing Pajamas Review & Guide

best nursing pajamas

When babies are born, they tend to feed every 2 hours. Some of them would even wake up at night to suck breast at least for the first year. Most new moms believe that their babies will sleep throughout the night the first 6 weeks out of the hospital; it’s likely your newborn have other plans.

If you are seeking pajamas that would make you comfortable while feeding your baby, then you should get yourself the best nursing pajamas. Even in the most sleep-deprived state, nursing pajamas will enable you to feed your baby comfortably.

The intention of this article is to review some nursing pajamas stating their pros, cons, and whether it is really worth buying them.

Top 6 Best Nursing Pajamas Quick List

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What is a Nursing Pajamas?

As simple as it may sound, so many people do not know the real meaning of nursing pajamas. Nursing pajamas are simply fabric designed for easy bedtime breastfeeding. Their designs are similar to nursing tops.

Some nursing pajamas have a hidden panel that allows babies to have access to their moms’ breast during nighttime feeding. If you seek a nightgown that would make you comfortable, then your best bet would be the best nursing nightgown.

Other design of nursing pajamas features elastic necklines which will allow you expose your boobs in order to feed your baby. Also, some nursing pajamas have a plastic clasp that is similar to that of a nursing bra, allowing you securely fasten it when you don’t need it and open it when you need it.

Why Do I Need Nursing Pajamas?

For several months your newborn will wake at night to breastfeed. Most newborn stay awake at night, at least for the first year. Nursing pajamas will make you comfortable while feeding your newborn during bedtime.

Using a traditional sleepwear or oversized t-shirt will be very difficult for you to feed your baby, except you want to expose your nipples. But with nursing pajamas, your baby will have direct access to your nipples without necessarily exposing your boobs.

If you are a plus-sized individual, there are best plus size nursing pajamas to meet your need, in order to make you comfortable

Why Should I Avoid Silk?

If you are planning to visit the hospital for your maternity care, then your perfect fit would be the best nursing pajamas for a hospital. Silk is a luxurious and soft fabric, however; avoiding it is a good choice because when it is wet, it needs to be dry-cleaned. Hence it is not practicable for nursing mothers.

Best Nursing Pajamas for Hospital in 2018

Baby be Mine 3 in 1 Hospital Gown Maternity

best nursing pajamas for hospitalIf you are a stylish mum, there is no doubt you will like the best pajamas for nursing mothers. It is available in a variety of colors and designs. The baby Be mine 3 in 1 hospital gown maternity nursing pajamas is made of 100% cotton with a view to making you and your baby enjoy the natural fabric.

This nursing pajama has an elastic neckline that makes it easy for mothers to breastfeed at night. It also has thick straps that will cover moms completely. This product is a great option for moms that are in the hospital.


  • Its modest neckline is unique
  • It is machine washable
  • It is 100% cotton
  • Night feeding is simple due to its elastic neckline


  • Uncomfortable except you wear a nursing bra with it
  • Previous customers complained that the tops are too small


Ekouaer Pajamas Women’s Long Sleeve Sleepwear

best pajamas for nursing mothersThe Ekouaer pajamas women’s long sleeve sleepwear is one of the best maternity nursing nightgowns in the market. It is super-soft and comes with different design option that suits your needs. It has a luxurious chiffon trim that will make you comfortable while feeding your child at bedtime. The cotton construction will make you stay warm without feeling too much heat, although they are designed with long pants and long sleeves.


  • They are available in a variety of designs
  • When used with a cami or nursing bra, it works perfectly.
  • Most are made of cotton


  • These nursing pajamas don’t provide breast support
  • They are not specific “nursing” pajamas


Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

best plus size nursing pajamasThe Kindred bravely davy ultra-soft maternity & nursing pajamas is a perfect choice for mom that want total coverage, but it has the capacity to make you feel the heat. They are ultra-breathable, lightweight, and made of synthetic material. Although the neckline is modest when feeding the baby, it normally pulls down.

Plus-sized mothers will find this product a good choice because it comes in different sizes from XS to XXL. The Kindred bravely davy ultra-soft maternity & nursing pajamas won’t irritate a healing c-section incision.

Ultimately, the company promises a 100% money back guarantee. Hence, if you don’t love it, you will surely get your money back.


  • They are available in size XXL.
  • There are several different color options.
  • They are very breathable.


  • They run small.
  • It is not easy to feed discreetly.
  • They are higher priced than other options.


Caramel Cantina 3 Pack Women’s Nursing Cami

best plus size nursing pajamasThe Caramel cantina 3 pack women’s nursing camis are perfect if you seek comfort, support, and total coverage.

These 3 camis are available for the price of one. Each of the camis comes with a built-in bra which will enable you to attach your breast pads in order to avoid stain and leaks. They are made of spandex and will shrink or grow with you. Finding the perfect cami is not really difficult when compared to traditional pajamas.


  • This product can stretch.
  • It is extremely soft
  • It comes three in one
  • Breast pads can be attached


  • Far from being a conventional pajama
  • It doesn’t have buttons


Gownies – Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown

Gownies - Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown-minThe Gownies – labor & delivery maternity hospital gown is one of the best-selling nursing pajamas. When you have this pajama in your ward rope, you do not have to worry about oversized, one-size, and revealing nightgowns. This product is made for mothers that love style and comfort. During your hospital stay, this product will keep you completely covered. It features a front snap down panel that will completely open when needed, especially for medical examination and for breastfeeding.


  • It is machine wash
  • It is durable
  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • The front panel opens easily


  • They are not traditional “pajamas”.
  • It is a bit pricey compared to other pajamas.


Cakye Maternity Nursing NightGown

best nursing nightgownThe Cakye maternity nursing nightgown comes with a variety of designs and colors. It is a multi-purpose pajama because it can serve mother during maternity to the hospital to postpartum. It is made of cotton and spandex, making it stretches to suit your need.

The Cakye maternity nursing nightgown features a pull-down elastic nursing neckline which your newborn will be comfortable with. It also promotes skin to skin contact. You won’t have to deal with clasps, straps or both when you purchase this nursing pajama.


  • It is comfortable.
  • The fabric is stretchy.
  • It is easy to nurse in.
  • It is cute.


  • It is not very discreet.
  • There is not an opening for epidural access.


Questions And Answers Section

Question 1: Can I get a nursing pajama that will be useful for me during hospital, maternity and postpartum?

Answer: Sure, there are various nursing pajamas in the market that you can use for these three stages

Question 2: Can I get a nursing pajama for plus-sized mothers?

Answer: There are nightgowns for plus-sized mothers. You need to determine your body size so that you can get your perfect fit.

Question 3: How can I care for these products?

Answer: Most of the nursing pajamas are machine washable. Each time you wash, ensure you do not set the temperature about 30°C.

Our Top Pick, Why?

Our favorite nursing pajamas are the Baby Be Mine Sleeveless Nursing Nightgown. Our reason is that it is breathable due to the fact that it is made of 100% cotton. Snuggling your baby would be comfortable with this product. In addition, the thick straps and neckline work perfectly with most nursing bras.

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