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Best Nursing pads Review in 2018 (Disposable & Reusable)

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Milk leakage is a common phenomenon among nursing mothers. Some nursing mothers can even leak milk just by hearing a baby cry from a distance. One reason why your breast may leak milk may be as a result of breast overfull or when you have not breastfed a baby for a while.  Interestingly, one of your breasts may leak milk while the other is feeding your baby.

Milk leakage can cause a huge embarrassment, especially when you are outdoors and then you discover your dress has been soaked by the leakage from your breast. Breast milk scientifically has been proved to be capable of staining some materials, hence the need to use a nursing pad. Nursing pads can be inserted into your bra when you are about to step out from your house. Your nipples and your dresses will stay dry as long as you wear a nursing bra.

Nursing pads are available in two types – reusable and disposables. The disposable type is designed with a plastic back which prevents breast leakage to soak your dress and they are also convenient. However, ensure you have a box close by where you will continually dispose the used nursing pads. On the other hand, the reusable type is economical, soft and suitable for the environment.

Top 5 Best Nursing Pads Quick List

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What is Nursing Pads?

Nursing pads are simply pads that are attached to a nursing bra or a regular bra in order to prevent breast milk leakage. Milk leakage can be embarrassing and can permanently stain your beautiful dress, thereby increasing the number of time you do laundry. For you to prevent this leakage from staining your dress, you need to purchase and wear a nursing pad.

Should I Choose Disposable or Washable Pads?

The decision of either wearing disposable or washable pads depends largely on you. Both types of nursing pads work greatly. One similarity between these two types of nursing pads is that they will both stick to your nipples when you attempt to remove the pad. However, using a disposable nursing pad will make your nipple sore because of its plastic back. It is advisable you change the pads as often as possible in order to avoid dried crusty sensation. If you want to be friendly with the environment, and then you have a tight budget, your best bet would be a washable pad.

Best Nursing Pads Review in 2018

Best Disposable Nursing Pads

Disposable nursing pads are considered as the best option for the busy mothers who can’t find the time to go about the hassle of having to clean them from time to time. These pads are good just on the go even when you are at work and suddenly start leaking. Of course there are many kinds of disposable pads in the market for consideration. Some of the best kinds in this case include;

1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing PadsThese are known to be the best disposable nursing pads of all time. They are currently the best selling breast pads for many moms with two sticky pieces at the back to help in holding the pad in place to prevent sliding and eventual outside leaking.

Due to their shape which is slightly bent, the pads can remain in place without being noticed under your clothing.

The Lansinoh is simply a perfect option when you want something you can just throw in your bag and go since they are individually wrapped for easy packing.


These pads are the favorite pads for many moms due to a number of reasons.

  • They are highly breathable, soft and absorbent wicking away the moisture from you
  • Smooth underneath the clothes hence can’t be noticed
  • They are extremely soft to sore nipples and thin hence a better feel under the clothes
  • They are waterproof on the back hence good in protecting your clothing from getting soaked or stained with leaking milk.

In case you want something you can just throw in your bag and go, then the lansinoh are the best option since they are individually wrapped for easy packing.


  • They are not recyclable due to the material used to make them
  • They may feel itchy especially for women with a sensitive skin
  • A little bit more expensive


2. Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra PadsThese are round in shape and considered to be highly absorbent but commonly reviewed as being the bulkiest of the options available. They are considered as perfect options for overnight use rather than having them under clothing during the day. In fact, when you start realizing heavy leaking at the worst possible moment, all you would want to have is a heavier, thicker and highly absorbent pad to prevent the possible damage for you.

These pads are usually made from cotton, nylon and a polymer to make sure they are highly absorbent so as to maintain dryness and comfort of mothers throughout the day thus boosting their confidence. Unlike other disposable nursing pads, the Medela disposable nursing bra pads are affordable to all mothers out there.


  • Quite affordable as compared to some other disposable pads like Lansinoh.
  • They have the two sticky pieces on the back to hold them in place
  • Perfect for overnight use since they can hold a lot of milk for their size
  • Highly absorbent


  • Highly bulky and do not feel good under the clothing
  • They are slightly visible through thin bra or clothing


Best Reusable Nursing Pads

Cutting costs is one thing any mother would want to consider when purchasing any item for the coming baby. The nursing pads are not an exception and besides, having washable nursing pads would greatly help preserve the environment.

Some of the best washable nursing pads are either made of fabric or silicone since they are meant to be washed and reused again. They are a perfect option if you love preserving the environment but if mostly don’t seem to absorb as much leak as the disposable pads can.

In short, to be on the safer side, you will need to have a couple of this so that you can avoid doing laundry on a daily basis. Though many people consider this to be an expensive option, it turns out to be cheaper in the long run. Most of them are actually heavier and bulkier than their disposable counterparts. This of course may not be a problem unless you are planning to wear very thin shirts where the pads can be seen through.

3. Bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing PadsThis comprises of three pairs of regular and one pair of overnight super-soft washable pads. Though they can be hand-washed, it is advisable to be machine-laundered and dried in a dryer.

With repeated washes, these pads even become softer to touch and invisible through the shirts as much as other best nursing pads that are washable. These are meant for heavy leaking since they don’t feel clammy or even cold when wet. If you want a perfect option for a comfortable whole night sleep, you better get this option of mom-invented breastfeeding accessory.

Though they are slightly costlier, these nursing pads are worth your every single penny and because they are made of a leak-proof material at the back, you are can easily go about your errands throughout the day without worrying about breast-leaking and staining of your clothing.

All you need to do is to ensure you get your right size and you leaking problem will be instantly solved.


  • They are not bulky but, absorb as much leaking milk as possible
  • They remain perfectly held in your bra without shifting
  • They are not visible through tight shirts
  • They have a leak proof back


  • They may not be a good option for moms with considerably bigger breasts
  • Sometimes they roll up after washing, but, who cares provided they can help absorb your leaks perfectly for a whole day or night?


4. Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Organic Bamboo Nursing PadsSometimes you might be concerned about the ingredients of the nursing pads you buy. With many organic nursing pad options out there, going for organic bamboo nursing pads definitely sounds like the best option since the material used is safe on your skin and that of your baby.

Most of these come in a pack of 5 pairs and advisable to wash them by use of machine. The pair usually includes a laundry bag for easy spotting when sifting through the available clothes in your machine. Due to their sturdiness, these pads have the ability to withstand the various procedures it takes through washing and drying under in the dryer.

Since these nursing pads come in different colors, you have the chance to pick according to your taste. Because the material used is organic in nature, this is a perfect choice for mothers with skin allergies when in contact with certain materials like latex.

On the back of these nursing pads is a leak-proof material that will ensure the leakage doesn’t spoil your clothes. Te pads are light hence good for absorbing the leaking breast milk throughout the day.


  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They perfectly hold up well even after several machine washes
  • They have a water proof lining to ensure the leakage doesn’t get to the clothes.
  • They are super-soft to touch and feel comfortable
  • Made of a tough material making them more durable over time


  • Not that soft at the first wearing but soon become soft after subsequent washes


5. Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing PadsIf it feels wasteful to purchase disposable breast pads, you may be thrilled to find out that there are many reusable nursing pads for your consideration.

This pack comprises of three pairs of regular and three of overnight pads that are of different colors. They can either be hand or machine washed but recommended to be laundered in a washing machine then dried under a dryer.

With the option of colors, you have the freedom to choose the right colors to hand in hand with your tops thus guaranteeing they will not be visible through your clothes while wearing them.

They are quite soft and less bulky thus giving you the needed comfort to go about your business activities throughout the day without worrying of leakages and discomfort.

You simply need to find the right size that fits your breasts and you will be good to go.


  • They are less bulky
  • They remain put in your bra without any shifting
  • They are thin enough not to be visible through your shirt


  • Relatively expensive compared to other options available
  • They may not work well with mothers with the plus-sized breasts


How To Choose The Best Nursing Pads?

So far it is clear you will choose either disposable or reusable nursing pads depending with your preference. According to many, combining the two could be the best option since some start off with the disposable breast pads as they shift to the washable options when the milk productions starts to decline.

While it would be ideal to choose reusable to preserve the environment, you might as well need disposable pads due to their thin size which may not be seen through your shirts. Whichever the option you choose, you are advisable to regularly change them to avoid drying and pain of the nipples as a result of the crust forming from the dried milk.

You may as well try to experiment with different brands to find out the one that perfectly works for you then go ahead to purchase as many as you want from the brand of your choice.

In either case, the following things are worth your consideration when purchasing the best nursing pads between disposable and reusable nursing pads;

Disposable Nursing Pads

These are considered to provide the best leak protection. However, the fabric isn’t always the best option but quite thin to prevent being seen through your shirt. While a number of mothers may prefer the reusable pads, it is advisable to have a box or two of the disposable pads to help at times when one doesn’t feel like doing laundry to have the reusable pads ready for use.

Besides, the disposables come in handy during those weekend getaways when reusable pads may seem to be unviable.

With the disposable pads;

  • They usually have a plastic lining on the outside to prevent the leaks from your clothing even under circumstances of heavy leaking
  • They are a perfect option if you are environmentally conscious
  • You may need approximately two to three boxes of 60-counts a month
  • This option is relatively more expensive to consider
  • They are a perfect option for use while you are away from home unlike the case where you will find yourself in an awkward situation finding yourself with all reusable pads soaked up in leaked breast milk.

Washable Nursing Pads

This is the ideal option to help cut down on costs and actually good for those people that are friendly to the environment. They are generally made of fabric or something such as silicon which can be easily washed and reused.

  • The option is considered to be environmental friendly
  • For this case, you need several pairs to avoid doing laundry quite often
  • It is considered as an expensive option which however, turns out to be relatively cheaper in the long run
  • These pads are a little bit more bulky and thicker as compared to disposables. Though this may not be a problem at all, having them won under tight and thin shirts may show them through.

So what should you consider when purchasing the best nursing pads?

The biggest decision could be choosing between disposable and reusable nursing pads. However, there are many other factors to consider when making the right decision.

 The pads’ level of comfort: you need pads that won’t feel rough to your nipples all day but rather soft enough not to make the nipples feel sore

  1. How active you intend to be: in case you will be highly active such as working out, you will need disposables with sticky backing to have the pads in place and adhere to the bra throughout the training session without shifting.
  2. How much do you leak? : Disposables are the perfect option for mothers that experience heavy leaking throughout the day. This is because they have a better protection against the leakage. In case you prefer reusable pads, then you must be prepared to change them often to avoid over-soaking.
  • Visibility under your clothes: definitely no woman wants the nursing pads that can be seen through their clothes. To avoid the embarrassment, many of them would prefer pads that are thin and invisible unless they are meant for overnight uses.

How many nursing pads do you need?

There may actually never be a distinct number of nursing pads needed per day but all will depend with how much you leak and the type of breast pads you have. What is more important is to make sure you regularly change the pads immediately you feel like they are getting soaked with milk to avoid bacterial infection and smelling like spoiled milk.

Unless the leaking is excessive in nature, changing the nursing pads twice a day would be ideal. Always keep your nipples dry by changing your nursing pads as frequently as the pads wet no matter the temptation to be economical on the number of pads you use in a day.

Wrapping Up

Leaking of breast milk can be really embarrassing and often may result in increased laundry and ruining of your clothes. With the onset of your baby, responsibilities are bound to increase and the last thing you want to do is spending money on buying new clothes to replace the spoilt ones. In order to protect your clothing and spare yourself the embarrassment associated with breast milk leaks; simply get some of the best nursing pads to help you absorb the unwanted milk leaks.

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