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best burp cloths

Babies are more often than not likely to burp. Sometimes, it gets messier and loud. Some babies can burp as much as the entire content contained in a feeding bottle on your shoulder. Would you blame them? It’s not necessary; everybody burped at a point in life. Research has shown that babies are more likely to burp within the first few months of birth. As a new mom, you should prepare your mind about this all-important subject.

The big question, however, is that; how can you protect you and your baby’s clothes from this mess? The only solution that will guarantee maximum protection from the mess your baby will make is the best burp cloths. The best burp cloths will save you some laundry time.

If you are wondering what the best burp cloths you can get on your shopping list worry no more. Our buyer’s guide and review explores some of the best baby burp cloths. They come in a range of styles and prices to meet your budget.

Best Burp Cloths – Quick List

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What is Burp Cloths?

Burp cloths are simply fabrics that are designed to protect your dress and that of your baby when she burps. Your baby will burp within the first few months of birth; therefore, you should add burp cloths to the list of items to buy while you are still pregnant.

When Should I Start Using Burp Cloths?

The best time to have burp cloths handy is before you take your baby home after childbirth. Experts advised that new moms should make it a point of duty to include burp cloths in their list of items to buy before childbirth, this is in view of the fact that newborn is likely to burp within the first week of birth. You won’t know when your baby will burp; hence the need to be vigilant, especially on the days you will wear a nice dress so that your baby won’t mess your dress up.

Burp cloths should be handy even though your baby won’t burp. It would still be useful in areas like cleaning the drool or milk from your baby’s mouth. In addition, if you want your baby to sleep on your shoulder, the essence of burp cloths should not be emphasized because it will help with drool.

How many burp clothes do I need?

Depending on the volume and frequency of spit up, you are likely to determine how many burp cloths you need. For babies that spit up quite often and heavily for that matter, having a multiple of these pieces in hand will be important. Immediately one burp cloth gets soaked up with spit up, you need to change it hence the need to carry at least two of them in your diaper bag wherever you go and about 8 of them at home.

Burp clothes are truly a lifesaver in the sense that they will don’t cost much but have the ability to save your more expensive clothing from spit up stains. In other situations where you will need to d laundry at least once in a week, getting between 1- and 18 would be pretty enough for you.

While many parents tend to forget including the burp cloths on their shopping list the first time, you need to remember to buy them as soon as you get your baby back from the hospital.

5 Best Burp Cloths Review

Gerber Baby Burp Cloths

best baby burp clothsThese are purely made from cotton with properly finished edges to prevent fraying and make them more durable. Cotton is known as the best material for burp clothes because they easily absorb the baby’s spit up to prevent staining of clothes. The size of the burp cloths is 20” by 14” with each pack having four of them in coordinating patterns.

If your baby has more than the occasional spit up, then these would be the perfect option for you. The cotton flannel is quite absorbent you need not worry about your baby spitting often. Besides, they are super adorable. If you need a soft but sturdy baby burp cloth then you can bet this would be the best choice you will get.

The burp cloths launder well too so you don’t need to worry about staining or color fading or shrinkage after washing. With these amazing burp cloths, you can easily forget about incurring many expenses as a result of replacing clothes simply because of staining following a spit up. In fact, it is very hard to find burp cloths of an appropriate size like the one with Gerber Baby Burp Cloths for a reasonable size. You get these, you save yourself a lot.

Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper

best cloth diapers for burp clothsThese are among the best cloth diapers for burp cloths. They are heavyweight gauze diapers made from tightly twisted yarns to help in absorbing as much spit up as possible. The heavy premium prefold gauze diaper is exceptionally durable made from cotton that is easily washable and recyclable. They usually come in 5 counts of white assortment.

Despite that the heavy gauze diaper takes long to dry, it does help in absorbing as much spit up as possible. If you are really looking for something that is budget friendly yet tough in absorbing your baby’s spit up to ensure they are clean all the time, you will have to consider Gerber prefold gauze diaper. It is cheap, strong and heavy enough to clean up all the mess made your baby right after feeding.

Brooklyn Bamboo Burp Cloths

best material for burp clothsThese are made from soft organic bamboo threads making the burp cloths highly durable. What is more amazing about this type of burp cloth is the fact that it possesses hypoallergenic properties. In case your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and you need to find something that won’t accelerate the effects of skin irritation, you need to consider these baby burp cloths.

Coming in a range of beautiful natural colors, the Brooklyn Bamboo Burp Cloths will definitely be the best cloth diapers for burp clothes to consider. Many customers across the world love these burp cloths and ready to order more after receiving the first pack.

The size of these burp cloths is 23.6 inches by 11.2 inches, large enough to cover the baby properly to avoid messing of the clothes underneath. The good thing is that they are unisex hence can be perfectly used for both boys and girls.

If you are in need of the best baby burp cloths that is large enough and can absorb as much spit up as possible, you must consider this option. They are reusable and tend to get softer and softer with each wash. In fact, this type of baby burp cloths works better than cotton which is commonly sold out there.

Get these baby burp clothes today and provide a soft and cozy place for your baby to nestle into while feeding and burping. They are available in a three-pack with the borders having gender neutral colors for either your boy or girl. They are highly absorbent, durable, machine washable and reusable. Made from natural bamboo, the burp cloths have no chemicals or harmful substances hence ideal for use on the newborns.

Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

best fabric for burp clothsThese baby burp cloths are made with safety and health in mind. A range of quality materials is used to provide convenience and functionality for your baby’s daily care. Natural fibers are used in making these burp cloths hypoallergenic and soft for your baby’s delicate skin.

Muslin is finely woven organic cotton that is grown without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides making it the best material for burp cloths. With four absorbent layers of these burp cloths, the baby’s skin will feel soft, smooth and comfortable next to Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths made from organically grown cotton, absorbing dribbles while they remain breathable to keep the baby comfortably dry and cozy.

These baby burp cloths are generously sized to ensure maximum cover and protection against spit up immediately after feeding. Getting softer and softer after every wash just adds up to the several advantages of purchasing these baby burp cloths and not any other. For a super soft generously sized and thick baby burp cloth made from the best fabric for burp cloths, consider the Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths.

Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth

best burp cloths reviewThese bulb clothes are designed with safety and baby’s comfort in mind. For this reason, they are created from the best fabric for burp cloths, ultra-soft cotton on the front and backing. The front part is patterned while the backing is plain white. With these pieces of clothing, you can be sure your baby will feel cozy and comfortable while burping on your shoulders.

In between the two layers is an absorbent fleece layer to provide ultimate absorbency stopping spit up and drool in their tracks. With these amazing baby burp cloths, you can be assured of complete security against staining your clothing.

These baby burp cloths come in sizes of 21 inches by 10 inches which are enough to provide a great shoulder cover. The good thing with the Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth is that they are of high quality and most importantly look great on babies and parents. They are simple yet very stylish least to say.

No more worries about your baby burping with the amazing fabrics that make Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth amazing. Let your baby spit up in style with these perfectly designed pieces that show a great sense of fashion preventing the dreaded leakage of drool and spit up onto your clothing or the baby’s clothing. If you are a new parent in town, some pieces of this are a MUST have.

How to Choose the Best Burp Cloths?

The market is saturated with a variety of burp cloths made of different fabrics, different shapes, and sizes. In order to get the best burp cloths with a style of your choice, you will have to consider some if not all of the following factors.

  • Size- your baby may appear to be tiny today but after a few months or so, the baby grows and demands a bigger burp cloth. Buying a fairly large burp cloth is therefore ideal unless you would be in a position to size up as the baby grows. Also, remember that the baby’s spit up is runny hence can travel a long distance before tapering off. With a long cloth, you will be able to effectively protect your clothes. On this point, bigger is always better- do not get some small baby burp cloths that are just there to create more laundry for you; get a bigger/larger one that can be easily folded in case you need to cover a small area.
  • The kind of fabric you want– the best fabric for burp cloths should be one that absorbs as much spit up as possible rather than repelling it. On the same note, you will also need to find out the history of allergies in your family. In fact, some children or babies may be allergic to certain fabrics. Therefore, when checking out some of the best burp cloths, list ones that are safe and hypoallergenic to protect the delicate and sensitive baby’s skin. On the other hand, you need a fabric with a bit of texture to help in absorbing the spit up right before it runs to your clothing.
  • Durability- of course, you need some piece that will stand the test of many washes over time. In that regard, you need a baby burp cloth that is thick and stronger. You are going to have your burp cloths for a while hence the need to go for the best quality.
  • Cost- affordability is another issue all the same when it comes to buying the best burp cloths for your baby. No matter what your budget is, chances are high that you will get something for your money. Some are extremely affordable while they still perform their functions quite well. However, if you have enough of a budget set aside for these burp cloths, why not get one of the high-end burp clothes? Otherwise, provided the burp cloths you buy are practical as well as pretty adorable, you need nothing more.
  • Washable- there are quite a number of burp cloths out there that seem to need special washing or some not able to stand up the regular washing. In case your baby happens to spit up too often, you will be forced to wash them quite often too. For this reason, you need to consider the material used to determine if it is washable or not. It is actually because of this reason that many parents prefer cotton knits or weaves because they are washable and often get softer after every subsequent wash.
  • Extra features– there is nothing wrong about getting burp cloths that are plain burp cloths; however, having some with a few extra features here and there like a pocket or a shaped area to catch the baby’s spit up before it slides down on your clothing would be ideal. Some even have snaps or fasteners to allow the burp be used as a bib. These extra features are really good but going for some without the features is still okay since they still get the intended job done.

The Bottom Line

Baby burp cloths are not just a necessity but a “MUST have” if at all you wish to protect your clothes and your baby’s from being messed up as a result of frequent spit up after feeding. They may seem to be small pieces of clothing but trust me; they are likely to save you big time from the embarrassment of having your attire messed up with the baby’s spit up. With your money and budget, you can be sure there is something for you.

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