5 Natural Ways To Boost Milk Production

The most important period for a new mom and her new baby is the lactation period. The first four to six months of a baby’s life is dependent on the mother’s breast milk, hence the need for the mother to have a constant flow of breast milk. Breast milk is important for the proper development of newborn because it contains all the essential nutrients required to enable the baby to grow fast. As a newborn, it should be a great concern to you if you have a short supply of breast milk.

This article will explore 5 possible ways to naturally boost your milk production.

Without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling;

Proper Diet

A newborn is highly dependent on the mother’s breast milk, hence the need for the nursing mother to eat properly. It is expedient that new moms should eat a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients. One food that can improve the quantity and quality of your breast milk is fruits and vegetables. A new mom should endeavor to eat a diet consisting of phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, experts advised that new moms should take sufficient amount of water, at least 6-7 glass cup of clean water each day. This will help to ensure that the nursing mother is hydrated, hence, boosting milk production.

Furthermore, onions and garlic can do a great deal in the production of breast milk.

Exercise, Rest, And Stay Happy

The essence of rest and exercise cannot be overemphasized. Studies show that constant stress and lack of rest will adversely affect the constant flow of breast milk. Therefore it is vital that nursing mothers take adequate rest and avoid doing stressful jobs. In addition, while your newborn is asleep, you should also try to get a sound and healthy sleep.

Furthermore, try and do light walk-outs both in the morning and in the evening, this will ensure improved milk production. Ultimately, stay happy always.

Frequent Feeding

In order for the breast milk production to be highly stimulated, experts advised that nursing mothers should frequently breastfeed their newborn. Experts further advised that nursing mothers should breastfeed their baby at least 7 to b times a day or whenever their baby is crying for food. Also, try as much as possible to practice night-time breastfeeding because it aids breast milk production.

The Use Alfalfa

This is one of the natural ways to increase breast milk production. Alfalfa is a herb that is good for aiding the improvement of breast milk production. This herb is readily available in most local markets. You can consume this herb either in juice form or tea form. Experts advised nursing mothers to include this herb in their list of items of buy when next they are going to the market.

Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek tea is another rich source of nutrient that can naturally boost breast milk production. This herb can also be consumed in form of tea, seeds, sprouts, and powder. Experts advised that nursing mothers should regularly consume this herb.

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