5 Important Facts About Baby Sleep


Each time you hear the word “sleeping like a baby,” it normally rings a bell, meaning the person involve has slept very deep and for long hours. The phrase is actually used to describe how a baby sleeps.

Babies are known to sleep heavily, especially within the first few months of birth. However, there are some facts you may not know about your baby sleep. It is in view of this that this article will explore 5 facts about baby sleep so that you can be aware and then be properly guided as a new mom or a potential mother.

Without further, let’s go straight to the 5 facts about baby sleep.

Fact 1: The sleepping pattern of babies is not the same as that of adults

The sleep pattern of your baby is quite different from yours. As your baby develops, the pattern of sleeping will begin to change till she adapts to your sleeping pattern. The sleep cycle of your baby won’t be more than an hour compared to that of adults, which sleep cycle can count several hours.

In addition, your baby will experience light sleep after every hour. During the light sleep period, she would be vulnerable to wakings of the night. At any point that your baby feels hungry or cold, she will wake up. It beholds on you as the mother to help her transit back into deep without waking up.

Fact 2: It takes longer hour for babies to deep sleep

All over the night, it takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes for your baby to sleep deep. This is repeated until she grows into an adult. You have to be careful that there is no noise in your environment and that there is no unusual movement in the house. If you try to change her position, she may wake up, thereby making you start the whole process of making her sleep all over again. When she finally enters into a deep sleep, you can then leave the room and take some rest.

Fact 3: Waking up in the night is important

For your baby to develop properly into an adult, it is important that she wakes intermittently at night. The reason why night wakings are essential are;

  • The tummy of your baby is very tiny, hence she has to wake to refill by breastfeeding
  • Waking at night is described by experts as “survival skills.” She has to learn how to wake at night, hence alerting you that she is either cold or hungry.
  • Waking at night can serve as a protective measure, especially against SIDS

Fact 4: Babies learn a lot while sleeping

Experts have asserted that when your baby is asleep, her brain will develop during this period. This is due to the fact that during the light sleep period, her eye is rapidly moving, hence making her brain not to rest. When she is asleep, the rate of blood flow to her brain increases. In addition, her body will begin to produce a protein that would aid the development of her brain.

Fact 5: Babies do sleep a lot

Babies spend most of their infancy sleeping. Experts assert that newborn takes an average of 16 to 19 hours a day sleeping. Your baby does not know the difference between day and night, which is why she wakes most times at night.

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