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10 Great Nursing Tips From Moms

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Recently have a newborn? Congratulations! We source great nursing tips from experienced mothers. Nursing your newborn can be an overwhelming experience. Having the right nursing pillow, nipple cream, and detergent will make the process much easier. Other helpful tips include avoiding supplements that contain lactose or soy, choosing cotton clothing made of natural fibers, and storing breastmilk in glass bottles. If you are concerned about breastfeeding your baby, contact your pediatrician to rule out any medical conditions that may be present.

The journey to motherhood has commenced for you. Breastfeeding is one of the great ways to bond properly with your newborn. However, most new mothers do not know how to go about it. We decided to sample the opinions of some experienced mothers with a view to guiding you so that you can avoid some costly breastfeeding mistakes.

The Following are 10 Great Nursing Tips From Experienced Mothers

Practice Makes Perfection

The belief that “practice makes perfect” is real, even in breastfeeding. Whenever you are faced with challenges, the right solution is to keep breastfeeding. Endure that pain that is associated with the first time of breasting, sooner or later, you will become perfect.

Buy Some Comfortable Nursing Bras And Tanks

This is one of the most potent tips so far. When you’re pregnant, it beholds on you to invest in nursing bras and tanks. These fabrics will help you breastfeed comfortably without pulling off your dress.

Nipple Shields May Occur, Don’t Fret!

Nipple shields occur more often than not in nursing mothers. However, do not fret. It won’t stop the supply of your breast milk. You can deploy them especially when it is the last option when your baby latches.

Moisturize Those Nips

Try as much as possible to moisturize your nips. This will make you breastfeed seamlessly. A good example of a moisturizer is Lanolin cream and olive oil. These two cream works perfectly.

Create a Breastfeeding Station

As a new mom, it is important that you create a station meant for breastfeeding. The reason is that you will be spending more than 10 hours out of 24 hours breastfeeding your newborn. In the breastfeeding station, endeavor to provide those things that won’t make you bored such as Radio, TV, notebook, and iPod.

Try As Much As Possible Not to Over-Pump

When you want to begin your journey into the world of breastfeeding, try as much as possible to avoid over-pumping, hence you may start experiencing an oversupply of milk.

You Should Be Confident Breastfeeding in the Public

Your newborn would not announce to you when she needs breast milk. If the need to breastfeed her in public arises, endeavor to breastfeed her. In order not to expose your Tommy and boobs to the prying eyes of the public while breastfeeding, you can take advantage of nursing covers and clothes.

Engage A Lactation Consultant Before You Deliver Your Baby

This tip is very helpful because when the baby finally arrives, you may not remember hiring a lactation consultant. Therefore, look for a reputable consultant in your locality. The roles that these consultants play cannot be compared to the cost of purchasing formulas.

Always Eat Right

Your newborn requires your breast milk to survive at least the first 4 to 6 months. Therefore, as a nursing mother, you need to eat only a balanced diet meal. This will ensure the production of quality breast milk for the growth and development of your baby.

Drink A Lot Of Water

This final tip is very important. It is vital to keep your body hydrated as much as possible. Being hydrated will make you produce breast milk that is rich in essential nutrients that your baby needs to grow stronger. Drink a least 6 to 7 glasses of water every day.

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