10 Good Snacks For Nursing Moms

When “breastfeeding” is mentioned, babies come to mind but the truth is, mothers, play a huge role too. Most nursing moms find themselves becoming hungrier than they were before delivery. This is because the mother’s body system uses up to 500 calories for milk production. So the mother’s body soon begins craving more food for replenishment of that which has been passed on to the baby. Since babies breastfeed at several intervals, it is imperative that nursing moms will also need to feed at similar intervals. Eating full course meals at every interval may not be possible as the mother would never have all the time for that but, her body and the baby will continuously need food hence, the need for consuming snacks. These snacks nourish the mother and prevent her from looking cranky as a result of not having enough sleep and the many activities that come with nursing a baby, they also help in milk production. When it comes to snacks for nursing mothers, not just anyone is fine. Nursing mothers are expected to consume snacks that are nourishing and filling. It should also be one that will keep baby happy and satisfied. The following are 10 good snacks that a nursing mom can consume. We will be suggesting protein food sources – this gives satiety and the feeling of fullness – and other food groups which could be fruits, vegetables, grains or dairy.

10 Good Snacks For Nursing Moms

1. Nut butter + Apples:

A spoonful of peanut or almond butter with apple is a great snack for when you are just a little bit hungry or need an energy boost.

2. Cottage Cheese:

This is a great protein filled snack. 1 cup has about 25 grams of the nutrient. You may want to try small curd cottage cheese, it is actually smoother and contains more protein than the large curd.

3. Hard boiled egg:

You can either boil your own eggs or buy the already boiled ones. Eggs are full of healthy protein. They also contain choline which helps with infant brain development so, it is a great choice for pregnant and nursing moms. If you’d like spice to spice your eggs, simply cut the hardboiled egg in half and drizzle with Sriracha. And don’t fret, it will be fine for the baby. You may choose to drink a glass of Chocolate Milk along with it.

4. Granola bars:

They are a delicious, healthy and on the go snack anytime. You can choose one containing almonds, which are galactagogue – they naturally increase milk production.

5. Greek yogurt + Fresh fruit:

The Greek yogurt is rich in healthy protein, calcium, and probiotics – the good kind of bacteria that aid in digestion. You can chew some fresh fruits along.

6. Bananas:

This is a great snack which is rich in vitamins like potassium. They also contain natural sugars which can sufficiently give one some energy boost without having to take in other snacks that contain white sugars. Bananas also have the ability to naturally reduce any heartburn that may be lingering from pregnancy.

7. Lactation Cookies:

These are really delicious and have been specifically designed to increase milk production.There are several recipes for preparing including dairy-free and vegan options. You may also choose to order the already made one online. The ingredients and health benefits of these cookies vary.

8. Pretzels:

These are easy to grab, store well and fun to eat crunches. They are a relatively healthy way to avoid the greasiness of chips and yet get that “crunchy” kind of snack. The only downside to it is that the crunchy sound that is made while chewing may keep your baby awake hence, this snack is best left for daytime.

9. Mini muffins and chocolate Soymilk:

This is a tasty snack combination excellent for the needs of a nursing mom. Interestingly, older kids enjoy frozen mini muffins too so this snack can serve the whole house.

10. Meat:

Meat lovers can have some as a snack too. Tuna and Crackers or Beef jerky are good ways to enjoy this nourishing snack. You may choose to drink some chocolate milk along.

In the event that one is having trouble with producing too much milk, we suggest that you consult with your doctor to know which of these natural galactagogues you should avoid. If your pregnancy is coming to an end, you may also do yourself some good by storing up some of these snacks so that once a baby arrives, you’d have stuff ready to deal with those moments when food cravings come up.

Added to the list above, do not forget to hydrate. Nursing can make one look really dry. Breastfeeding moms will need at least four more glasses of water plus the recommended eight glasses per day to hydrate themselves and maintain a healthy milk supply. So a nursing mom can try drinking a bottle of water with every breastfeeding session or ensure to keep a 1-liter water bottle handy. You may also spice up your water by throwing in some fresh fruits into your water bottle.

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